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Hardwood floor refinishing in St. Louis, MO

Walking into a home with hardwood flooring feels like stepping into the future and the past all at once. This classic floor covering has transitioned seamlessly from classic design to cutting edge modern interiors. But even with their beauty, wear and tear can take a toll on hardwood floors. Lawson Brothers Floor Co. takes your dull, scratched and lifeless floors and restores them to their former shining beauty. Any home in St. Louis, Chesterfield, and Ellisville with hardwood can benefit from this fast, effective service. You get the lowest rates from a local business with decades of experience. There is nothing that we don’t know about hardwood or how to care for it. We even provide the knowledge you need to take better care of your flooring after we leave.

What is refinishing?

If you have never refinished your floors, you may be wondering what the process is. There are three main steps in hardwood refinishing: sanding, staining, and finishing.
  • Sanding: The first part of any refinishing work is getting the floors back down to just the hardwood. You may not realize that what you see as the surface of your floors is really layers of staining and finishing. This is what becomes dull and scratched over time. Our experts will carefully buff away the layers of finish. Note that if your floor has any deep damages like holes or rotting wood, this will have to be addressed before sanding.
  • Staining: Staining is what gives your hardwood floors that beautiful glow and shine that you love. Stains come in a variety of colors and shades. The key is to find one that brings out the natural beauty of whatever hardwood species you chose for the floors. Staining is done with a paint rag and a lot of patience. Luckily for you, our experts have plenty of experience and can get the job finished with ease.
  • Finishing: This is the final step in restoring your hardwood floors. Once the floor has been sanded to an even level and stained the way that you want, a finish is applied. The finish is a clear epoxy layer that protects the flooring underneath. This is the part of the floor that comes in contact with feet, furniture, and whatever other wear factors there are in the home. It is important to use the correct finish to prevent damaging the hardwood underneath.
Hardwood Refinishing in St Louis, MO area from Lawson Brothers Floors

Preparing to have your hardwood refinished

Preparation for refinishing your hardwood floors is simple. Before our technicians visit, you should:

  • Remove all of the furniture pieces from the room.
  • Make arrangements so that you don’t have to enter the room, especially if it is commonly used area like the kitchen.
  • Keep children and pets out of the room during renovation and for a short period after while the finish dries.
  • Cover light fixtures, electrical outlets, and doorways with plastic and masking tape.
  • Relax! We’ll take care of the rest and be done with your hardwood floors in no time.

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If your hardwood flooring is beginning to look old and worn out, we can help. Contact the flooring experts at Lawson Brothers Floor Co. to find a local service provider in St. Louis, Chesterfield, and Ellisville. Call (314)-371-4400 for a quote today!.