The Most Common Decorating Mistakes

We’ve all made these mistakes in the past…and some of us are currently making them now! Here, then, is our list of the most common decorating mistakes, and how to avoid them!

  • The toilet rug. Who came up with the idea that placing a carpet into a high-moisture room (such as the bathroom) was advisable? If that doesn’t put toxic mold into your house, NOTHING WILL!
  • Photo clutter. Seriously, not every photo ever taken needs to be framed and stuck on the mantel.
  • Out-of-place themes or dated themes. First of all, if your house should, indeed, have a theme is up for debate, but if it does, let it be reflective of where you are in the world. No point in having a “beach” themed house if you live in Alaska, for instance. Second, if the last time your theme was updated was when New Kids on the Block were on the top of the charts, it’s time to switch it up a bit.
  • Outdated hardware. All the same, even the most updated and sleek kitchen can look out of date and basic if the hardware hasn’t been updated to reflect the new kitchen.
  • Big, bulky furniture everywhere. Even the largest of rooms can look cramped and claustrophobic if you add countless pieces of bulky furniture.
  • Overly formal room. Yes, in certain cultures, there is that “one room” that’s just “for when company comes over.” However, a room that doesn’t have a warm and welcoming feel can turn everyone – guest or not – off.
  • Clutter, clutter, and more clutter. For Pete’s sake, if you haven’t used it in three months, GET RID OF IT. Put it on eBay, trade it for something you do need, or donate it to charity.
  • Matchy-matchy everything. Just because you have one piece of pink in your room, doesn’t mean your whole room has to look like Pepto-Bismol threw up all over it.