Quick & Easy Fix-Ups for Under $100

If you need to make some repairs to your home, but don’t have an unlimited budget in which to fix it up, here’s our list of simple tips and tricks that you can perform on your house for under $100! Yes, folks, home improvement shouldn’t have to cost the proverbial arm and leg!

• Add a simple curtain on a rod with a valence to your front door to block any incoming drafts.

• Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an expensive chandelier, consider adding a rustic outdoor lamp to your living room. This will create a dramatic effect without breaking your bank!

• If you have a finished basement, consider covering the ceiling in cork to insulate the sound & dampness.

• If you don’t already have them, consider adding your house numbers to the front of the house. Vinyl numbers on the door, especially when they’re custom made, will add a look of elegance and value to your home.

• Repurpose some wood by sanding and staining it, then converting it to a barn door to separate the rooms in your house.

• Use leftover wood flooring to add an elegant, and dramatic, effect to the back of a bookcase.

• Do you have some tile that could use a facelift, but don’t have the money to redo the entire wall? Consider just brushing it up with a little bit of colored grout!

• If you have a steam radiator, invest in a little wood and metal grate, then build a cover for the radiator. This will create some much-needed shelving space. Of course, you do want to be careful and only put fire-resistant things onto the new shelf you just created!

• Got a window that could us a little refreshing? Consider adding some decorative film to the pane.