Flooring Trends of Today

Whenever you are renovating your house, the most crucial component to start thinking about is the flooring. Whether you choose tile, laminate, stone, or carpeting – or, possibly, a combo of flooring – you’ll be walking on it for a lot of years down the road, therefore it’s crucial to like everything you see.

Whether your out-of-date floor is only a couple of years old, but features a shade of color that not any longer works for the home’s theme or style, or if it is old and has seen better days -- you are in serious demand of an upgrade. Here are a few of the hottest trends in the flooring industry right now. These new flavors and designs will certainly spruce up your house.

• Reclaimed Resources: People today are aware of the pricing of products and eco-mindful. The customer acknowledges the necessity of utilizing recycled products and are finding these products can be used for flooring. Cork is rapidly getting a common option for that “hardwood-like” appearance. Some businesses are actually recycling products such as wine barrels and wood palettes to generate a vintage feel.

• Biodegradable Products: People are also starting to see the harm of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). VOC's negatively affect the air quality of your house by releasing carcinogens into the air. Some flooring manufacturers have recognized this and have been making use of biodegradable products in different types of flooring. One carpeting business is utilizing corn sugar in the carpet making process!

• Bigger Tiles: Generally, tiles – like those you can get at “big box” store – measure 12’ x 12’. This dimension will work in many instances, but the style of today for tile is 24’ x 24’ - double the length and width of the normal tile! These tiles are beautiful, have smaller grout lines, and generally are much easier to get clean. Because these tiles are incredibly huge, it is better if you acquire the services of a trained professional to install them in your home or business.

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