Ceramic is known for its good looks and durability as well as ease of maintenance. Most spills can easily be wiped up without leaving stains. It is resistant to household germs and bacteria from food.

Ceramic tile is available in both commercial and residential types. If you have very high traffic and are concerned about it holding up, a commercial grade may be the best floor for your situation.

In all areas, bold is in-- size, color and styles.Ceramic is known for its good looks and durability as well as ease of maintenance. Most spills can easily be wiped up without leaving stains.

The hardwood floor look (see below) is very popular and can be a dramatic addition to your home. Tile is not easily scratched and never has to be refinished making the wood-look a great choice. If you’re concerned that it may be cold under foot, there are many types of under floor heating available. Heating a bathroom floor is particularly nice on chilly winter mornings.

Mosaics have never gone away but have emerged with new flair. Shiny and reflective in amazing contemporary colors are part of the new palette. Creativity knows no boundaries when it comes to tile. You can combine styles, colors as well as shapes and sizes to create the look you want. If you find something that you really like, bring it to your flooring professional to recreate the look. the look you want.

Sizes can be mixed together to create new patterns. Most manufacturers show various patterns on the back of their boxes—you pick out the colors, and you’re ready to go. Look for many sizes , 24x24, 12x24, 6x24 and even larger tiles. Remember the larger the tile, the less grout joins; this will make the room look almost seamless and similar to a stone slab. In addition, the room will appear to look larger.

When it comes to the decorative tiles, there are a number of designs. You don’t need many tiles to customize your entire floor. Choose your field tiles and then add a few well-placed decorative tiles. Choose from geometric patterns, fruits, animals or flowers just to name a few and you can create your own unique look. By changing the colors of one of the standard patterns will quite simply give you something entirely different.

High definition porcelain maybe is something that you have not heard of. Known as HDP for short, it uses a progressive printing technology, which makes the pattern unrecognizable from the real things. HDP utilizes the most technically advanced system in the industry. Similar to the technology in the television industry, the image is made up of small dots of color.

The use of HDP technology makes it possible to create all types of patterns, including fabric's loops and handmade effects. Trim shapes, including cover base and chair rails can be made with the same process making finishing off the project so much easier. The most important part in any job is the ability to finish off the edges to create a finished look.